If you are somebody who is interested in running a bed-and-breakfast, or even a small property that is good enough for guests overnight, you have come to the right place. In this guide, I will be talking about how you can market your bed and breakfast. It is possible that you may be lacking some resources, team members and time as well, but it is possible for you to pull off an ambitious marketing strategy, just like big hotels. If you want to move forward, you will need a little bit of creativity, and also, you will need a decent understanding as to what kind of guests will be staying at your bed and breakfast.

Bed And Breakfast

  1. Firstly, you need to understand and find your niche. All decent bed-and-breakfast marketing actually starts with the core question: who exactly are you catering to? All bed-and-breakfast have an advantage over larger hotels, when it comes to answering this particular question. You will be able to provide a much better experience when it comes to hospitality as well, once you understand what kind of gas you are serving.
  2. Secondly, you need to market your location. Before this, you need to make sure that you build at a location that is serviceable to all kinds of tourists. If you build in a tourist attraction spot, you will actually have a lot of customers. Another thing you can do is, you can actually close your bed and breakfast and take some time off, when it is a tourism offseason.
  3. You should work with the chamber of commerce and also, all kinds of local travel sites. The research process for a bed-and-breakfast actually looks very similar to that of a larger hotel. The potential guests are always looking to stay connected to the community.
  4. You need to make sure that you partner up with local businesses. It would be amazing if you partnered up with some restaurants, local tourist attractions, gift shops, breakfast places, kitchen remodeling companies and more. Local travel sites can actually promote your bed and breakfast service, on their website. When they do so, you will be helping them by promoting their business when people come to stay at your bed-and-breakfast.
  5. Next, you need to brush up properly on your local SEO skills. You need to understand what search engine optimisation is all about. Once you have an online presence, which I definitely recommend you have, you should brush up on your search engine optimisation skills and make sure that your website is up and running and also very relevant. If people search for a bed-and-breakfast in your area, you need to make sure that your property shows up first.